• 90 days

    if the see is on my right,

    I'm heading in the right direction.

    this series is inspired by a journey of 90 days

    from scheveningen to bilbao.

    in 2008 I walked and biked along the shores

    roaming through cities and wandering in nature.

    these drawings aren't illustrations but are an imaginative trip on their own.

    risen from a new perspective; without a roof, keys or a job

    discovering new horizons, with hope and room to breathe.

    demanding back adventure! a brave plea for joy, autonomy and nature.

    burn the maps! start from scratch, draw your own maps.

    true, free, unique experiences are still possible.

    avoid the risk of becoming a cynic.

    convert despair into hope.

    let this be a reminder...

    keep wondering...