mark klappe studied painting at aki, enschede(2002-2006). he lives and works in amsterdam, the netherlands. his works are a mixture of painting, collage and object. he is inspired by architecture, maps, music and his own travels through nature and cities.

in autumn 2008 he walked from scheveningen, the netherlands to morlaix, france and biked from la rochelle, france to bilbao, spain. walking and biking along the shores, 90 days, roaming through cities and wandering in nature.in summer 2020 he walked around the netherlands in 53 days, to raise money for the red cross and as a plea for freedom in uncertain times.

his works are intuitive, atmospheric and experimental. the construction, deconstruction and reconstruction of layers are ways to create a process that is defined by an improvised nature. creating circumstances wherein coincidences can happen. when these happen, it is a deliberate choice to keep them or destroy them. the puzzle falls into place or it falls apart.

the endresults of this proces are a mixture of painting, collage and object. they can still be considered paintings, because they are objects that hang on a wall. the last few years the works are shifting more and more towards object, there are more sculptural 3d features. yet, they also remain their painterly qualities.

the works consist of handmade wood panels that are cut at an angle. this gives the works a very sharp edge, it gives the illusion the work is floating in front of the wall. on top of these panels layers of canvas, linen, wood, cardboard, paper and acrylic paint are added. the relief in the works is making them come to life. through the influence of the light the shadowplay changes the work.

it is not a linear story it is not either/or, it can be and/and. space and negative space. expressive and reserved. balance and off-balance. on one hand there is the organic and informal, on the other hand there is the graphic and formal. the deliberate and the uncontemplated.

the images are an analog reflection on our digital times and a longing for something different and more beyond the surface of the image. no explaining, wandering.